am i still alive and other questions

You’re alive.
Yes. Yes I am alive. I am quite sure of that. But in terms of blogging and publishing posts, no. I haven’t been quite active for, say, a month?
Why haven’t you blogged?
School is the major culprit, although my procrastination is a close companion. I spent quite a lot of time with my cats, doing nothing, eating, Youtube-ing and the like.
Did you do anything productive?
Well, around September I decided to reinforce my old self and discipline. I started exercising, writing, meditating daily. I had a point system, which is extremely helpful.
<sidenote> If you’re a procrastinator like me, having a point system would help you become the person you want to be. basically, it works a lot like HabitRPG (this site is also the bombdotcom), but a bit simpler. You assign a point, say 50 for each productive thing you did. Read 100 pages? 50 points! Wrote 500 words? A hundred! It brings the competitor/gamer/nerd in me. My daily quota is 200 points. I get to watch YouTube at the end of the day. </sidenote>
So. Are you still going to continue blogging?
Yes. Don’t worry about that. I won’t be doing my August Wrap Up since it’s too late for that (AndIAlsoCompletelyForgotEverythingThatHappenedInAugust) BUT I might add the books I read in my September Wrap Up.
What are you going to blog next? 
Let me go elementary on you: secret. *runs away giggling*
What are your goals? 
  • to blog every week (except if i have exams)
  • every saturday i’ll write a blog post and a review
  • i will assign little tasks to do before saturday (take pictures of my books, make a graphic)
Anything else?
Nope. I just hope I can do this. Pray for me guys. 

a moment at the beach

Everyone, I went outside.


Yes. I did.

I went to the beach.

Now, that’s not very Christmas-y but I STILL WENT OUTSIDE. Plus, I’m in the Philippines. We don’t have winter. We only have slightly chilly air.

Anyway, this is kind of a photo diary because it’ll have a million photos, so enjoy!

_DSC5369 _DSC5390 _DSC5389 _DSC5377 _DSC5372 _DSC5371 _DSC5370

_DSC5391 _DSC5399 _DSC5396_DSC5393We also found a teddybear buried. *shivers*

_DSC5404 _DSC5420(it says “hi random readers” btw)
_DSC5418  _DSC5412  _DSC5410 _DSC5409

_DSC5427 _DSC5428 _DSC5429

Thank you for reading and um, bye!

Pictures taken by Odelia of the Random Book Blogger. If you want to use it, please credit Odelia and link this site.

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blogging slumps // updates


(pretend you can’t see my new design and that you don’t know I’m insane for changing it 43628 times a year)


I guess every blogger experiences this.

That feeling that makes you pressured whenever you write posts. Or makes you stressed about writing a review. That feeling when you see blogging as work, not a fun activity.

If you’re a blogger, you might have encountered a blogging slump.

I did. Just recently and I hated it.

Sundays are usually Blogging Days wherein I write a post and schedule it to the different days of the week. It was good. I liked doing it. But after a while, around October, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. But of course I did.

That was not a good decision.


Because I started viewing blogging as work. And I despise work.

And that continued up until November. I don’t know if you can see the lack of passion in my older blog posts like songs on repeat. What was that?

But I have successfully gotten out of it and I can’t wait to write more!

Thank you so much for reading and putting up with my nonsense! Um, bye!