in which the month ends // september + august 2015


here’s an up to date wrap up. proud of me yet?
i didn’t write an august wrap up for a couple of invalid reasons (procrastination, mostly) and for a couple of valid ones (exhaustion, school, family).
unfortunately, i didn’t remember anything in august except it was a month of  “doing nothing” for me. i was far away from my usual goals, didn’t do my habits and my progress in writing my novel was shorter than my pinky finger. i’m not sure how this happened but it did.
come september, i still have those negative habits with me. after my birthday (sept 17 anyone??) and MIBF (my post is coming up soon!) i decided to go back to my usual habits and then i became productive again. yaaaaay!
anyway, enough talking. here’s what happened in august and september!

in which i show you the books

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in which i show you a detailed version

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki // Adult Fiction, Culture: Japan (review)
long story short: before our main character kills herself, she plans to write about her Buddhist grandmother
rating: (4.5)
Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan // Adult Magical Realism (review)
long story short: a guy finds this bookstore and the books there are magical
V for Vendetta by Alan Moore & David Lloyd // Graphic Novel
long story short: in an alternate universe, England was taken over by fascism.
And Then There Were None by Agatha Cristie // Adult Crime
long story short: 10 people are in an island, one by one, they are killed
rating:  (4.5)
The Humans by Matt Haig // Adult Science Fiction
long story short: an alien comes to Earth for an important mission. although, he has to disguise as a human. soon, he learns why humans are such beautiful and terrible creatures.
Escape From Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West by Blaine Harden // Nonfiction (review)
long story short: a story about a North Korean who flees his country
Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan & John Rocco (illustrator) // Greek Mythology, Middle Grade
long story short: a funny guy tells you the greek myths in an understandable way
rating: (3.5)

in which i blogged

4 POSTS EACH MONTH HELL YEAH (although most were scheduled BUTS STILL)

in which there are random topics

okay, maybe i went overboard with the Syrian problems but GUYS! that picture of the Syrian boy really made my heart shatter into a million pieces.

thank you for reading and um, bye!

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shouldn’t you be in school? | waiting on wednesday

yoo.001Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

Book: Shouldn’t You Be In School by Lemony Snicket (#4 All the Wrong Questions)
Publication Date + Publisher : September 30th 2014 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Is Lemony Snicket a detective or a smoke detector?
Do you smell smoke? Young apprentice Lemony Snicket is investigating a case of arson but soon finds himself enveloped in the ever-increasing mystery that haunts the town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea. Who is setting the fires? What secrets are hidden in the Department of Education? Why are so many schoolchildren in danger? Is it all the work of the notorious villain Hangfire? How could you even ask that? What kind of education have you had?
Maybe you should be in school? Read more on Goodreads


I really did love the first book in this series and I haven’t bought the other books because I always can’t find them. And when I do, it’s hardcover. It won’t match my paperback one. (#bookwormproblems) .



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 Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish



I’m doing this Top Ten thing! Yay!

Also, sorry for not making one last week but I did post 6352 more posts!

Anyway, here are the books:

Also, these books are not in any particular order.

NOTE: I have mentioned 4 of these books in my other top 10 posts but I NEED TO PUT IT HERE AGAIN. This is a sign. It means that YOU SHOULD READ THE BOOKS PLEASE. PLEASE.


1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Yes, I’ve only read this book this year. I know. I’m really late in joining this Harry Potter bandwagon because I wanted to read this (AMAZING OH MY GOSH ASDFGHJKL) series when I already have all of them in it’s beautiful new cover editions rather than my old cover ones. Book racism. Oops. But all I can say is that THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD WEHELSWGA ILXFREGW

2.A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness – This freaking book. I cried in this book. I did. I wasn’t going to but it happened. This book taught me that the truth is hard but it will set you free. I loved the meaning and the weird, deep stories that go along this book and just read it. 

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3. City of Glass by Cassandra Clare – This is the 3rd book of the TMI series and it’s my favourite one. (Except for COHF) This has more action-packed stuff and the pacing is faster. You learn and discover more stuff and the feels become stronger leaving you like


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