in which the month ends // september + august 2015


here’s an up to date wrap up. proud of me yet?
i didn’t write an august wrap up for a couple of invalid reasons (procrastination, mostly) and for a couple of valid ones (exhaustion, school, family).
unfortunately, i didn’t remember anything in august except it was a month of  “doing nothing” for me. i was far away from my usual goals, didn’t do my habits and my progress in writing my novel was shorter than my pinky finger. i’m not sure how this happened but it did.
come september, i still have those negative habits with me. after my birthday (sept 17 anyone??) and MIBF (my post is coming up soon!) i decided to go back to my usual habits and then i became productive again. yaaaaay!
anyway, enough talking. here’s what happened in august and september!

in which i show you the books

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in which i show you a detailed version

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki // Adult Fiction, Culture: Japan (review)
long story short: before our main character kills herself, she plans to write about her Buddhist grandmother
rating: (4.5)
Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan // Adult Magical Realism (review)
long story short: a guy finds this bookstore and the books there are magical
V for Vendetta by Alan Moore & David Lloyd // Graphic Novel
long story short: in an alternate universe, England was taken over by fascism.
And Then There Were None by Agatha Cristie // Adult Crime
long story short: 10 people are in an island, one by one, they are killed
rating:  (4.5)
The Humans by Matt Haig // Adult Science Fiction
long story short: an alien comes to Earth for an important mission. although, he has to disguise as a human. soon, he learns why humans are such beautiful and terrible creatures.
Escape From Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West by Blaine Harden // Nonfiction (review)
long story short: a story about a North Korean who flees his country
Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan & John Rocco (illustrator) // Greek Mythology, Middle Grade
long story short: a funny guy tells you the greek myths in an understandable way
rating: (3.5)

in which i blogged

4 POSTS EACH MONTH HELL YEAH (although most were scheduled BUTS STILL)

in which there are random topics

okay, maybe i went overboard with the Syrian problems but GUYS! that picture of the Syrian boy really made my heart shatter into a million pieces.

thank you for reading and um, bye!

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friday finds // historical fiction is the best


this meme is hosted by the lovely jenn at a daily rhythm

it’s time for a friday finds.

i have SO MUCH more books to show you since i updated my to-read shelf in Goodreads but for now, i’ll only be showing three books. let us do this.

I Shall Be Near You
Erin McCabe
Historical Fiction

long story short: it’s the civil war and rosetta doesn’t want her husband to join the military, but he does. so she dresses up as a man and goes with him.

Goodreads Summary:

An extraordinary novel about a strong-willed woman who disguises herself as a man in order to fight beside her husband in the Civil War, inspired by a real female soldier’s letters home.

Rosetta doesn’t want her new husband Jeremiah to enlist, but he joins up, hoping to make enough money that they’ll be able to afford their own farm someday. Though she’s always worked by her father’s side as the son he never had, now that Rosetta is a wife she’s told her place is inside with the other women. But Rosetta decides her true place is with Jeremiah, no matter what that means, and to be with him she cuts off her hair, hems an old pair of his pants, and signs up as a Union soldier.

Rosetta drills with the men, prepares herself for battle, and faces the tension as her husband comes to grips with having a fighting wife. Fearing discovery of her secret, Rosetta’s strong will clashes with Jeremiah’s as their marriage is tested by war. Inspired by over two hundred and fifty documented accounts of the women who fought in the Civil War while disguised as men, I Shall Be Near To You is the intimate story, in Rosetta’s powerful and gorgeous voice, of the drama of marriage, one woman’s amazing exploits, and the tender love story that can unfold when two partners face life’s challenges side by side.

The Last Pilot
Benjamin Johncock
Historical Fiction, Space

long story short: SPACE

Goodreads Summary:

“Harrison sat very still. On the screen was the surface of the moon.”

Jim Harrison is a test pilot in the United States Air Force, one of the exalted few. He spends his days cheating death in the skies above the Mojave Desert and his nights at his friend Pancho’s bar, often with his wife, Grace. She and Harrison are secretly desperate for a child-and when, against all odds, Grace learns that she is pregnant, the two are overcome with joy.

While America becomes swept up in the fervor of the Space Race, Harrison turns his attention home, passing up the chance to become an astronaut to welcome his daughter, Florence, into the world. Together, he and Grace confront the thrills and challenges of raising a child head-on. Fatherhood is different than flying planes-less controlled, more anxious-however the pleasures of watching Florence grow are incomparable. But when his family is faced with a sudden and inexplicable tragedy, Harrison’s instincts as a father and a pilot are put to test. As a pilot, he feels compelled to lead them through it-and as a father, he fears that he has fallen short.

The aftermath will haunt the Harrisons and strain their marriage as Jim struggles under the weight of his decisions. Beginning when the dust of the Second World War has only just begun to settle and rushing onward into the Sixties, Benjamin Johncock traces the path of this young couple as they are uprooted by events much larger than themselves. The turns the Harrisons take together are at once astonishing and recognizable; their journey, both frightening and full of hope. Set against the backdrop of one of the most emotionally charged periods in American history, The Last Pilot is a mesmerizing debut novel of loss and finding courage in the face of it from an extraordinary new talent. 

anywayi’m a huge space person, if that’s what we’re called. i love space, the solar system, exoplanets, BASICALLY ASTRONOMY. i’m so fascinated by planets and stars and dark matter and whatever. Interstellar is one of my favourite movies, i hope this becomes one of my favourite books.

Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World
Ella Sanders

long story short: a bunch of words from other languages that don’t have a counterpart in the English language.

Goodreads Summary:

An artistic collection of more than 50 drawings featuring unique, funny, and poignant foreign words that have no direct translation into English. 

Did you know that the Japanese language has a word to express the way sunlight filters through the leaves of trees? Or that there’s a Finnish word for the distance a reindeer can travel before needing to rest?

Lost in Translation brings to life more than fifty words that don’t have direct English translations with charming illustrations of their tender, poignant, and humorous definitions. Often these words provide insight into the cultures they come from, such as the Brazilian Portuguese word for running your fingers through a lover’s hair, the Italian word for being moved to tears by a story, or the Swedish word for a third cup of coffee.

In this clever and beautifully rendered exploration of the subtleties of communication, you’ll find new ways to express yourself while getting lost in the artistry of imperfect translation.

i’m a Filipino which means i’m bilingual. there are tons of words in our language that can’t be translated in English. gigil, kilig and more. fellow filipinos, u know what im talking ’bout.

 anyway, i hope you enjoyed my posts! be sure to check out these books too! thank you for reading and um, bye!

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june 19th – 25th 2015 // book blogger hop


The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer from Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended December 31, 2012. the hop’s purpose to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, befriend other bloggers, and receive new followers to your own blog. it is now continued by Coffee Addicted Writer

how many posts do you publisher per week? and how many of them are reviews? 

AHHAAHHAHAHA! that’s so funny, oh my,
what? that’s not a joke? you’re kidding, right?
*sigh* fine. i should stop embarrassing myself.
how many posts do i publish a week? hmmmm, maybe, let me see … about one. usually, none.
i post about once a week, as said in my About the Blog, but let’s be honest with ourselves here. i know you haven’t gotten an email about me publishing a new post. i know my stats page have decreased so low i’m a little bit scared. i know your eyes go wide when you see my blog gets updated.
and you know what? i have no problem about that.
i see so much bloggers get so disappointed with themselves when they only publish seven post in one month. on the other hand, i get so happy with my productivity when i publish three. and that’s perfectly fine with me.
i see no mistake on not publishing as much as others. i have other priorities to get to (yeah right) and blogging isn’t my main. i don’t want to keep pushing myself to blog forty million posts because that would only result to me getting stressed. and do you know what happens when i get stressed? NOTHING. no productivity, no words, no posts. i think that’s pretty much worse than three posts.
i only post reviews whenever i have nothing to post. my book reviews are the least viewed, sadly now i thought that i was getting better to review.

i am loving this hop and i can’t wait to write more! school is just getting out of the way.
thank you for reading and um, bye!

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likes & comments


so, i just checked my posts, just to see if someone commented or if someone liked a post.

and i was pleased. (thank you guys!!!!) 

and it got me thinking on how great it feels to receive feedback from others. just a simple click on the like button or a couple of words in the comment section can make a person’s day!

i like blogging. i don’t consider it as my passion (i’m more of a writer than a blogger) but i like it. that’s one of the reasons i’m still here, being active and not giving you guys loooong hiatuses (?) in which after would make a post saying “sorry!” and continue the hiatus. (… okay fine, i did that but that was before!)

but it’s harder than i expected.

i see my friends just scrolling around tumblr or using the word “bored” more than once in a day while i hastily try to finish writing a post and get ahead of my word count because i have to wash the dishes today and later publish a review. 

(i actually asked people what they do all day and they responded with “watching tv” and “internet” and “nothing”. *shudders and glances at my planner, filled with to do lists and deadlines*)

my point is that blogging is challenging. it’s not over all too hard that i start sweating out blood but you know, it’s hard.

and when people give feedback to it, i just become so

so, if you’re reading this, thank you.

now, i have a stat!!!!!!

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i kinda maybe sort of went through another blogging slump

memefinali have no idea why these slumps always find me.

awhile back, i posted my first experience with this bastard. it was basically a short summary of how i got it and a little paragraph saying “i’m fine! i’m in track!”


yeah, uhm


i’m not. for like 2 weeks or so, i was pumped up. i wanted to write a zillion posts and i was so excited to do it. but then it kind of dwindled away.

i do a lot of things. i’m not just a blogger. i’m also a book reviewer, reader, writer and a student. and i have about 4 – 6 free hours on weekdays. so, i kinda have to organise my priorities. and it goes like this:

  1. studies
  2. writing
  3. reading
  4. blogging
  5. book reviewing

since i procrastinate, have side projects and life gets in the way, i use up all of those hours. and usually do only 2 of those activities. writing and studies. ONLY 2.

and uhm, well, uhhhhhh.

okay fine. blogging is second to the last.

i have been experiencing this problem a lot lately and it’s mainly how to write posts. i want to be funny but i also want to express all my feelings and sometimes, some of those feelings aren’t funny. they’re BORING. i also want to take pictures and document my life more often but writing those posts are also BORING.

i know. first world problems. but it’s still a problem, isn’t it?

my main problem is i have NO IDEA how to be happy not stressed, pressured, overwhelmed while blogging. i’m always in a hurry to finish everything and i don’t want that.

maybe i should just stop the posts that make me stressed…? idk. i have like 3 posts that are filled with pictures (i went to baler and dumaguete) and that makes me stressed. so the usual advice is to stop it. BUT there is a little part of me who wants to do it because i just want to document my life, you know?

i’m working on how to get this blogging problem/slump to burn in a fire and die. i’m still finding the matches.

if you have any advice, please comment! it would save my life.


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hello 2015 + pictures

Hi 2015.

What do you have in store for me?

No, don’t answer. I’ll find it out for myself.

Here are my goals.

(And please ignore the fact that this is extremely late)


  • Writing
    • to finish my first draft
    • to write everyday and follow my word count goal
    • to finish outlining my draft
    • to maybe participate in NaNoWriMo
  • Reading
    • to read 60 books
    • to open my mind to different genres, not just YA and fantasy
  • Blogging/Reviewing
      • i’m planning to do what jen does! before starting a new book, she would review her most recent finished read. I HOPE I DO THIS
    • to talk to more bloggers
    • to take more pictures and blog my adventures
  • Others
    • to spend my time with my family, self and God instead of staring at the computer all day.
    • to study a little bit everyday

Those are my goals! Happy New Year even though it’s so lateee 

And now, fireworks! (this was the hardest thing ever btw)


© Ophelle Taban

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How’s your 2015? 

Thank you for reading and um, bye!

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