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i undestand this comes as a shock to you. how could i be more random and out of the blue? still, i’ve been meaning to write more reflections about the movies i’ve watched, an action i refused, for some reason, to do long ago. i guess i thought that the world didn’t need my opinion. a stupid thought that you should never ponder about.

kung fu panda 3 has just been recently released. a child’s movie, one with a happy ending to apparently “mask the harsh realities of the world”. people like to say that, don’t they? when a story ends with a smile, these people raise their eyebrows and declare, “unrealistic.” to be honest, i don’t think it that way. is happiness really that impossible, something to roll our eyes at when stories present it to us? i know that everything doesn’t end happily. nevertheless, i do think it’s a nice message to, not only kids but adults, that happiness is attainable. it is something, as one movie* stated, you pursue.

currently, there are three movies in this series. i’d like to talk more about the first and the third.

Kung Fu Panda brought tears to my eyes, especially Kung Fu Panda the first. when (spoilers) Po was rejected by the heroes he looked up on and the master destined to train him, i was holding back my tears. you can see the immense disappointment and loss of self esteem in his chubby face. the ones he dreamed meeting, ones supposed to be the model of humility and respect, denied him because of his lack of “skills”. as a human, i know how it feels like to be “less”, although not as extreme as po’s. you know you can do it and you’re trying but people can’t seem to see it. the absence of support and faith of the people around you weigh you down. it is difficult to push past this level and all those who succeed, i greatly admire.

po is my favorite of the bunch, followed closely by Master Oogway. the humble are far greater than the most skilled. i guess you can say humility is somehow wisdom, for those two are the hardest titles to claim. to be humble and to be wise are what i strive for in life. and seeing it in po and Master Oogway, i am just in awe.


i like the “do your best, don’t quit, hard work will pay off” movies, wherein the protagonist decides to do something he/she is so passionate about. this is evident plenty of movies. (i guess it’s one of the most used tropes and overdone messages a form of art can deliver but i like this so much better than the “true love” thing) i always get so inspired to write when i see it. the passion and dedication, not to mention perseverance and determination of someone doesn’t only benefit them, it also affects those around them. when someone so enthusiastic about something, i can’t help but feel excited back. these movies remind me, weirdly, of writing, even if it doesn’t have to do anything with it. they remind me that talent is useful but passion and the drive to do it is much more enriching.

in every Kung Fu Panda movie i’ve watched, the concept of “self” is always discussed. po likes to ask, “who am i?” and it is a monster of a question most people would ask themselves for years. most avoid it. as for me, i’m not sure i can respond it that confidently but i have a inkling to what the answer is.

i recommend Kung Fu Panda to anyone who wants to watch a light comedy yet still discover deep realizations, as what i have experienced.

thank you for reading!

*Pursuit of Happiness (2006)
*pictures not mine

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