Reviewing Policy

I am currently accepting ARCs or Review Copies in physical and e-book format only.

Genres I will accept:
Fiction. Adult, YA and Middle grade. No “New Adult” or Erotica please. 

  • Fantasy*
  • Adventure
  • Historical Fiction*
  • Dystopia
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery

*highly recommended

Things to remember:

  • By accepting a book, I do not guarantee that the book will be immediately read and/or reviewed. If it is an ARC, I will attempt to read/review it on or around the release date. The reviews will be posted on this blog and/or Goodreads. 
  • I am a reviewer. My main purpose is to provide my honest opinion whether a certain book is well executed or not. Some reviews may contain negative comments as part of the evaluation of the book. Furthermore, I may DNF a book yet I will make sure to review it fairly. If I could not finish a book, I will contact you through email. However, I will still publish my review in Goodreads and/or this blog containing the reason why I could not finish it.
  • If you plan to send me a physical copy, please remember that I am an international blogger living in the Makati, Philippines.
  • I have a right to reject or decline a book. 

Aside from reviews, Odelia can also host author/blogger interviews.

If interested, please contact Odelia through her form. She will not promise to reply immediately but she will do what she can. Usually, Odelia will reply around 2-7 days.

This policy will be edited without prior notice.

2 thoughts on “Reviewing Policy

  1. Rose Reid April 18, 2015 / 10:53 PM

    Very wise of you to add a “policies” page. I should do the same!

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