five inspirational videos from anna akana // staring at screens

STARINGATSCREENSFINALstaring @ screens is a new meme/ feature in this blog in which i talk about … staring at screens. tv shows, youtube and the like.

it just might be me but i am obsessed  with Anna Akana. i love her, you should love her, everybody should love her. it is no doubt she is one of my favorite YouTubers.

her videos are so inspirational, whenever i’ve fallen into a pit of unproductivity, i would watch her videos and the next thing i know, i’ve written 30,000 words, 40 blog posts and received the Nobel Prize (i wish). that’s part of the reason why i’ve watched these videos below about fifty million times.

if you’re looking for something to inspire you and to get your work done, watch her videos and later, you’ll still be procrastinating but INSPIRED.

here are my favorites:

how to level up

this is the video that made me into the disciplined individual that i am now (lol no). i’ve watched this video over and over, i could probably write the script. 

how to put on your face

this is one of her famous videos and it’s about her putting makeup: the healthy lifestyle way. forget michelle phan (just kidding don’t cause i like her), this is probably the best way to put on makeup.

inner critic

everyone had a fair share of meeting (and possibly memorizing) their inner critic and we all know it was crap. 

the best video ever

i remember this video whenever i make expectations which means i remember this video quite a lot. 

your inner muse

my inner muse, right now after finishing this blog post would probably watch more Anna Akana. so, crap. 

everyone, go check out Anna Akana and love her as much as i do.

thank you for reading and um, bye!

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avatar the last airbender (again), dan and phil & parks and rec

STARINGATSCREENSFINALstaring @ screens is a new meme/ feature in this blog in which i talk about … staring at screens. tv shows, youtube and the like. 

okay, in my last post i told you that i’ll just step away from the book world for just a moment. oops. 

i’ve been watching a lot of stuff lately and i’m itching to share it to you. so, here we go!

avatar the last airbender (again)

at 3AM in the morning, instead of talking about what we’re supposed to be talking (Japan Visa, tickets, important stuff), my sister and i started conversing about avatar, the last airbender. my favorite TV show (out of 2 TV shows). and then, later that night, i had a dream that i was in the gang of ATLA and i was talking with toph. i took it as a sign and started rewatching episodes. (i almost cried) and then i wanted to erase my memory and watch ATLA again. unfortunately, that can’t happen. so i was like Legend of Korra maybe? but to be honest with you, i already started watching LoK but then i was like WHERE’S AANG AND TAPH AND ZUKO AND KATARA AND SUKI AND SAKA AND APPA AND MOMO AND NO. i couldn’t watch it without feeling so nostalgic so i just rewatched episodes and got a crap ton of goosebumps. 

dan and phil 

just out of the blue, i started binge watching some random videos of dan and phil. it wasn’t very productive but it was funny. especially, dan and phil games. dil howtler anyone? 

parks and rec

after watching sherlock twice, i decided i had to move on and watch another TV series. and i chose this one. it’s HILARIOUS. i’m just in season two (people say it’s the best season, it is) and i watch it whenever i do chores. i’m not obsessed over it (unlike Sherlock or ATLA) but i like it. maybe because it’s not fantasy and i’m not always going NO DONT DIE DONT DIE but again, i still really do like it.

those are what i stare on screens! i might rewatch ATLA and you might like this post! (too soon?) thank you for reading and um, bye! goodreads // bloglovin // tumblr

TV shows

STARINGATSCREENSFINAL first of, yes i do have a new theme. it’s much more wow than before so i hope that you were wowed.

second, let’s step away from the book world – for just a moment,, don’t worry – and talk about TV shows.

i admit that i’m not much of a TV person. i only ever finished two TV shows. to me, i thought that was a lot. apparently it wasn’t because my friends practically memorized the TV. they actually laughed at me because i didn’t understand their references. well IM SORRY that i don’t worship a screen. (says the person who constantly is in front of a computer. okay, i don’t worship a TV screen) but in the history of watching TV, i only finished two TV shows and is currently watching 2 other ones. so all in all: 4 TV shows. (WE WILL NOT INCLUDE DISNEY TV SHOWS BECAUSE IF WE DO THIS WILL BE QUITE A LONG POST)

here are the TV shows i’ve watched and loved.


avatar: the last airbender

this is the first TV show i’ve ever watched. i binge watched it with my sister and we both love this SO MUCH. JUST LOOK AT THAT. PURE GREATNESS. if i was there, i would probably be just standing, surrounded by their epicness. whenever i was sad, i used to rewatch their episodes. i usually rewatched the episodes where taph (?) was there (i love her so much) or all of them were there. i miss them so much. i know there’s a spin off of this – Korra, right? – and i started watching it but then i was like awwwwww saka’s not there and taph and katara and zuko and suki and aang and ughhhhharggghhh. it’s just not the same. 


can i order the next season because i need it right now thank you I’VE WATCHED THIS TWICE. one with myself and one with my brother.( you can kind of see that i like watching TV shows with someone because i need someone who understands my references) if you’re looking for a short TV show, this is it. there’s only 9 EPISODES, but they’re (dare i say) bloody brilliant. (too soon?)  it’s not over yet but the next season still comes next year. crap. looks like someone’s going to watch it thrice. you are correct, daniel.

those are the TV shows i’ve watched! thank you for reading and um, bye! goodreads // bloglovin // tumblr