a deserted land

for five months, i had disappeared. my blog was deserted. it was a wasteland of old reviews, wrap ups, abandoned. the two recent posts, a interview with an author, was missing so much passion and dedication present in previous articles. it was written for the sake of getting it done, so it could also count as a nonexistent post. there were no pings in emails indicating i had published.  i had not pressed the button to create a new post for a long time. the wordpress even changed layout while i was gone

don’t worry, there’s a huge chance none of you noticed this. i know this as a fact. still, what matters is i noticed it and it did bother me. blogging, i found, is something very dear to my heart. the reason why i avoided it was because i disliked the way i did it. i’ve realized that i was publishing things i did not like doing. blogging was not fun for me nor was it rewarding. this year, i plan to make it fun, to write about topics i’m genuinely interested in. i long to voice out my opinion, even if no one can hear me.

i want to publish more things here and especially since school has finished, i would hopefully get more things done. i wish to write more here. so look forward to more posts and a change in blogging style, appearance and name soon. i’d want this blog to reflect me, not a person i tried to be.

thank you for reading! 

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i kinda maybe sort of went through another blogging slump

memefinali have no idea why these slumps always find me.

awhile back, i posted my first experience with this bastard. it was basically a short summary of how i got it and a little paragraph saying “i’m fine! i’m in track!”


yeah, uhm


i’m not. for like 2 weeks or so, i was pumped up. i wanted to write a zillion posts and i was so excited to do it. but then it kind of dwindled away.

i do a lot of things. i’m not just a blogger. i’m also a book reviewer, reader, writer and a student. and i have about 4 – 6 free hours on weekdays. so, i kinda have to organise my priorities. and it goes like this:

  1. studies
  2. writing
  3. reading
  4. blogging
  5. book reviewing

since i procrastinate, have side projects and life gets in the way, i use up all of those hours. and usually do only 2 of those activities. writing and studies. ONLY 2.

and uhm, well, uhhhhhh.

okay fine. blogging is second to the last.

i have been experiencing this problem a lot lately and it’s mainly how to write posts. i want to be funny but i also want to express all my feelings and sometimes, some of those feelings aren’t funny. they’re BORING. i also want to take pictures and document my life more often but writing those posts are also BORING.

i know. first world problems. but it’s still a problem, isn’t it?

my main problem is i have NO IDEA how to be happy not stressed, pressured, overwhelmed while blogging. i’m always in a hurry to finish everything and i don’t want that.

maybe i should just stop the posts that make me stressed…? idk. i have like 3 posts that are filled with pictures (i went to baler and dumaguete) and that makes me stressed. so the usual advice is to stop it. BUT there is a little part of me who wants to do it because i just want to document my life, you know?

i’m working on how to get this blogging problem/slump to burn in a fire and die. i’m still finding the matches.

if you have any advice, please comment! it would save my life.


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blogging slumps // updates


(pretend you can’t see my new design and that you don’t know I’m insane for changing it 43628 times a year)


I guess every blogger experiences this.

That feeling that makes you pressured whenever you write posts. Or makes you stressed about writing a review. That feeling when you see blogging as work, not a fun activity.

If you’re a blogger, you might have encountered a blogging slump.

I did. Just recently and I hated it.

Sundays are usually Blogging Days wherein I write a post and schedule it to the different days of the week. It was good. I liked doing it. But after a while, around October, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. But of course I did.

That was not a good decision.


Because I started viewing blogging as work. And I despise work.

And that continued up until November. I don’t know if you can see the lack of passion in my older blog posts like songs on repeat. What was that?

But I have successfully gotten out of it and I can’t wait to write more!

Thank you so much for reading and putting up with my nonsense! Um, bye!