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i undestand this comes as a shock to you. how could i be more random and out of the blue? still, i’ve been meaning to write more reflections about the movies i’ve watched, an action i refused, for some reason, to do long ago. i guess i thought that the world didn’t need my opinion. a stupid thought that you should never ponder about.

kung fu panda 3 has just been recently released. a child’s movie, one with a happy ending to apparently “mask the harsh realities of the world”. people like to say that, don’t they? when a story ends with a smile, these people raise their eyebrows and declare, “unrealistic.” to be honest, i don’t think it that way. is happiness really that impossible, something to roll our eyes at when stories present it to us? i know that everything doesn’t end happily. nevertheless, i do think it’s a nice message to, not only kids but adults, that happiness is attainable. it is something, as one movie* stated, you pursue.

currently, there are three movies in this series. i’d like to talk more about the first and the third.

Kung Fu Panda brought tears to my eyes, especially Kung Fu Panda the first. when (spoilers) Po was rejected by the heroes he looked up on and the master destined to train him, i was holding back my tears. you can see the immense disappointment and loss of self esteem in his chubby face. the ones he dreamed meeting, ones supposed to be the model of humility and respect, denied him because of his lack of “skills”. as a human, i know how it feels like to be “less”, although not as extreme as po’s. you know you can do it and you’re trying but people can’t seem to see it. the absence of support and faith of the people around you weigh you down. it is difficult to push past this level and all those who succeed, i greatly admire.

po is my favorite of the bunch, followed closely by Master Oogway. the humble are far greater than the most skilled. i guess you can say humility is somehow wisdom, for those two are the hardest titles to claim. to be humble and to be wise are what i strive for in life. and seeing it in po and Master Oogway, i am just in awe.


i like the “do your best, don’t quit, hard work will pay off” movies, wherein the protagonist decides to do something he/she is so passionate about. this is evident plenty of movies. (i guess it’s one of the most used tropes and overdone messages a form of art can deliver but i like this so much better than the “true love” thing) i always get so inspired to write when i see it. the passion and dedication, not to mention perseverance and determination of someone doesn’t only benefit them, it also affects those around them. when someone so enthusiastic about something, i can’t help but feel excited back. these movies remind me, weirdly, of writing, even if it doesn’t have to do anything with it. they remind me that talent is useful but passion and the drive to do it is much more enriching.

in every Kung Fu Panda movie i’ve watched, the concept of “self” is always discussed. po likes to ask, “who am i?” and it is a monster of a question most people would ask themselves for years. most avoid it. as for me, i’m not sure i can respond it that confidently but i have a inkling to what the answer is.

i recommend Kung Fu Panda to anyone who wants to watch a light comedy yet still discover deep realizations, as what i have experienced.

thank you for reading!

*Pursuit of Happiness (2006)
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likes & comments


so, i just checked my posts, just to see if someone commented or if someone liked a post.

and i was pleased. (thank you guys!!!!) 

and it got me thinking on how great it feels to receive feedback from others. just a simple click on the like button or a couple of words in the comment section can make a person’s day!

i like blogging. i don’t consider it as my passion (i’m more of a writer than a blogger) but i like it. that’s one of the reasons i’m still here, being active and not giving you guys loooong hiatuses (?) in which after would make a post saying “sorry!” and continue the hiatus. (… okay fine, i did that but that was before!)

but it’s harder than i expected.

i see my friends just scrolling around tumblr or using the word “bored” more than once in a day while i hastily try to finish writing a post and get ahead of my word count because i have to wash the dishes today and later publish a review. 

(i actually asked people what they do all day and they responded with “watching tv” and “internet” and “nothing”. *shudders and glances at my planner, filled with to do lists and deadlines*)

my point is that blogging is challenging. it’s not over all too hard that i start sweating out blood but you know, it’s hard.

and when people give feedback to it, i just become so

so, if you’re reading this, thank you.

now, i have a stat!!!!!!

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why, here’s another slump + how to read more


so i have something to confess.

i haven’t been reading often.


yes, a book blogger/reviewer who owns quite a lot of books and proclaims her love for it to the whole world and she’s not reading.

yikes. that’s me.

okay, let me rephrase that. i’m not reading as many books as before.

if you check my goodreads challenge, you’ll see i’m behind. if you check my bookshelf, you’ll see a lot of books unread.

great, isn’t it?

BUT, i do have an excuse.

i’m writing a novel. i’m trying to write a novel.

and when you’re doing that, it practically becomes your life.

“sorry mom, i can’t wash the dishes. i’m trying to write 400 words to get in track plus i have to outline a couple more chapters. oh yeah, i also have to rewrite chapter 1 because it’s just terrible but i’m writing my first draft so this is all pretty much terrible.”

i think my mom stopped listening after the word dishes.

i seem to be more focused on writing at least 200 words in the next 20 minutes than i guess, life. i am also concentrating on my studies. c’mon guys. who doesn’t want to have only 5 mistakes on her science exam? i do!

but i want to read more.

i’ve read about 3 or so books on january. that is not a lot for me. before, i usually read more than 7 books every month but when i started writing a novel, it became less than 5.

don’t get me wrong. i still love reading. especially when problems and life and misery try to get in the way, i search for a world to sink in. i still love the written word as much as i love writing the written word.

but reading isn’t priority for me anymore.

when i write my to do lists, i put write 200 words or make a reviewer for social but i don’t put read 6 chapters today or finish *insertbooktitlehere*. so when i finish all the tasks i have on my to do lists (which doesn’t happen often bc procrastination) that’s usually where i remember to read.

i feel so bad. i believe in order to be a great writer, you have to be a great reader. look who’s not following that.

i miss it. i miss getting so excited to see what’s going to happen next or crying over a character. i miss the feeling of the pages and the feeling of being in another world. i miss rolling my eyes at cliché romance and laughing on how much i hate this person. i miss the experience of an adventure and the emotions i get when i go on one.

i miss reading.

there’s a huge difference on being creative and receiving creativity. both benefit from one another if you do both. and i’m trying to do it.

so i’ve come up with three solutions to read more.

  1. procrastinate with reading.  it’s normal to procrastinate. everyone did it and everyone still does it. but instead of scrolling through the dark corners of tumblr, why don’t i just pick up the book beside me and read it? i spent about 30 mins max procrastinating before i get mad at myself and if i used that time for reading, i would probably get to read a book every week! yes, that doesn’t get the job done but YOU STILL READ A BOOK. THAT IS PRODUCTIVITY IN ITS FINEST. plus, even if you didn’t get to do what you’re supposed to do on the deadline, at least you finished a book.
  2. read a chapter everyday. this is what i’m currently struggling with and IT IS HELPFUL. but how is reading only one chapter helpful? well, it reduces the pressure. you actually do it because you want to. and hey, it’s hard to only read a chapter everyday. that’s why i read about 3. once you actually start it, it’s hard to stop. i don’t think the problem is reading the book, it’s deciding to do it. sitting on your couch and opening the book. that’s harder than actually reading it – unless the book you’re reading is bad. the natural urge to keep on turning the pages will come out.
  3. read on a specific time. mine is usually after studying. that’s kind of my “break”. it starts to build a habit until NO ONE can ever disrupt your reading time. it usually lasts 30 minutes or if i’m busy, 10 minutes. BUT I STILL READ.

so, if you’re having the same problem as mine, do these 3 solutions to keep you right on track.

reading is a big part of our lives. don’t forget that.


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The Percy Jackson series | Thoughts

So, I just reread the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. Instead of writing a review about every single book, I want to enumerate on WHY I LOVE PERCY JACKSON. 

But first, let’s start with the basics.

Odelia, I don’t know what Percy Jackson is!
Percy Jackson and the Olympians is basically a 5 book series about this kid named Percy (what a surprise) who learns that Greek gods and all that stuff exists. He also learns that he’s a demigod or a half-blood. Half-god, half-human.

So, what is “Heroes of Olympus”, then?
It’s supposed to be a spin-off of PJO. But I wouldn’t really say it’s a spin-off. More like continuation. It has more characters and has some YA elements. But really, HoO is much, much better than PJO which is saying something because PJO is really good.

Okay, okay, I know that already. But what should I read first?
You don’t really have to read PJO first, it obviously won’t spoil HoO. BUT, if you do read HoO first and decide to read PJO, then you will be spoiled. Really. I learned from experience! (I read Lost Hero first. WHy)

But this series is middle grade. I’m not in that genre anymore. It might not fit with me.
EVERYONE thinks like that at first! But NO! It will fit! It is middle grade BUT it fits even with adults! There are so many people 20+ who read and loved this series!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians – 5 stars, 99%
Heroes of Olympus – 5 stars, 100%

Back to the main topic: WHY I LOVE PJ.

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