in which i acquire books // june 2015

in which i acquitebooks1

i have acquired five books. also: cat.

if you have been a Random Reader for a while now, you would know that most of my book hauls are possible due to my sister. basically? she buys me books. she’s the best and you and i know that.

i haven’t done a book haul for AGES! it feels so good to show off my books and cat  and talk about them. guys, these books are MINE. i can read them and NOT RETURN THEM. i can have them FOREVER. hell yeah. 

anyway, BOOKS.

in which i show you my books


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in which i show you a more detailed version

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline // Science Fiction Adult
long story short: rich guy has no children. rich guy dies. rich guy leaves a bunch of clues and a contest happen. video games in which i have no idea are.
opinion:  i already read this book and what can i say? the world blew my mind. all the others didn’t. characters? nope. writing? are you kidding me? no.

i enjoyed it enough to give it 4 stars (that’s high, yo) the flaws were not major (at least to me). i’ll have my review up on GR so stay tuned for that. 


Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay // High Fantasy Adult
long story short:  the king is a crappy king and some guys and gals try to set things right.
opinion: AN ADULT FANTASY BOOK. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? i rarely see adult fantasy books and when i saw this have a 4.12 rating on GR, i was sold. 

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel // Post Apocolyptic Adult
long story short: there’s some actors from Hollywood and um … gah, okay, again, that’s all i know. i like to go through books blind.
opinion: have not read yet but im going to expect some exciting crap.


My Name Is Resolute by Nancy E. Turner // Historical Fiction Adult
opinon: PIRATES. PIRATES. PIRATES. who the hell wouldn’t want to read this??  (also: Nancy Turner? William Turner? that guy in Pirates of the Carribean? coincedence? i think not.)

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton // Historical Fiction Adult
long story short: there’s this minaturist. and something happens. lol, idk.
opinion: none. i havent read this book, just like evey other book in this haul, but im expecting it to blow my mind, capture my heart and all those sweet, cool other stuff.  

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you sister for giving me this beautiful books. i will treasure them in my heart. 

that’s my wonderful book haul! thank you for reading and um, bye! 

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december wrap up // december book haul



Thank you, thank you. *bows*

Anyway, I stopped posting one because I felt extremely stressed whenever I do. But I think that bastard phase is gone.

Welcome again, Wrap Ups. You’ve been missed.

hahahahaha no this is not a late post what are you talking about h a h a h a



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  • the girl in between by laekan kamp (click here to see my interview with laekan!)
  • blankets by craig thompson
  • all the light we cannot see by anthony doerr
  • the time paradox by eoin colfer
  • the atlantis complex by eoin colfer
  • champions by karren seña


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book haul:


it says: remember someone in middle school who was teased, and how you didn’t do anything to stop it. go back to a particular moment and stand up for that child.

IMG_2933712 Things To Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto // (this was a gift from my sister. my sister is basically an inhuman person who has supernatural abilities. it consists of spoiling me with too much books. i love that ability. oh, i almost forgot. to my sister:

this is pretty self explanatory. it has 712 things to write about. i’m a writer. or, i consider myself to be a writer. and this book basically made my mind explode. I LOVED THE PROMPTS. they’re so humorous and they actually make you think! if you’re a writer (or even if you’re not) pick this book up. 

IMG_2937 IMG_2934 IMG_2936 IMG_2939 (1) IMG_2935 IMG_2938

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan, illustrated by John Rocco // my first impression on this book? BEAUTIFUL. this is a companion novel in the PJO chronicles and it talks about – duh – greek mythology. but WAIT THERES MORE. this is narrated by my soulmate Percy Jackson so this is hilarious. 

what are the books you’ve finished? leave a comment! i love getting comments!


Those are the books.

Thank you for reading and um, bye!  

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I got books! And I got a lot of them! In total? 13. 11 books from MIBF and 2 from Non-MIBF. Get ready to see a lot of books! I consider all of these a birthday gift (Sept. 17 was my birthday) even if I bought it. So TYG, Fam, and everyone! 

Also, I’m not going to tell their synopsis because, well, I have a lot of books to show you. I’ll just say a short description and their genre.



1.(YA Dystopia) Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi – Is this cover gorgeous or is this cover gorgeous? [1/3 Shatter Me Trilogy)
2. (Nonfiction Self-Help) Live Life by George Gabriel 



(^^Manila International Book Fair)

(YA Fantasy) The Series: (by Leigh Bardugo)

  1. Shadow and Bone
  2. Siege and Storm
  3. Ruin and Rising 

So excited to read these! I’ve heard that they’re great and almost everyone loves them.


The Sequels:

(YA Dystopia) (by Taherah Mafi) 

  1. Unravel Me [2/3 Shatter Me Trilogy]
  2. Ignite Me [3/3 Shatter Me Trilogy]

(YA Dystopia) (by Amy Tintera)

  1. Rebel [2/2 Reboot Duology]


The Stand-alones

  1. (Middlegrade) One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate – Heard that it’s cute! 
  2. (YA) We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – Don’t know much about this one. 


The Ohmygosh-I-Completely-Forgot-To-Add-These-In-The-Sequels-Group

(YA Dystopia) (by Marie Lu)

  1. Champion [3/3 Legend Trilogy]

IMG_2337 (2)

The Beautiful Quartet

(YA/Middlegrade? Dystopia) (by Lois Lowry)

  1. The Giver
  2. Gathering Blue
  3. The Messenger
  4. The Son



Those are all the books I got for September! Again, I’d like to thank God and his disciples, my family and YOU. Thank you for reading this blog posts and checking my blog out.

Thank you for reading and um, bye!


yoo.002I gottt deemm boooksss.

Time for another BOOK HAUL! I can’t believe August is over. Like, there are less than 5 months to 2015. Wasn’t it just Christmas 2013? #timewhyyousofast. I wasn’t expecting books at all since I’m broke but, instead, I got 9 books. Here they are!


1. The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani (#1 School for Good and Evil) – This book is veryy interesting. The plot is amazing. Basically, there are 2 schools, obviously for Good and Evil. And there are 2 girls, Sophie and Agatha. Sophie is the stereotypical good girl and Agatha is the stereotypical bad girl. Sophie, without a shadow of doubt is perfect for School for Good and Agatha, the Evil School. BUT, then, they got interchanged. Sophie went to the Evil school and Agatha, the good one. When I heard about that, my mind just

2. The School for Good and Evil: A World without Princes by Soman Chainani (#2) – Obviously, this is the second book. I don’t want to know much about this book because SPOILERS.



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5 books| July Book Haul


I got books. I’m so happy.
Here are the books I got in July!
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1. When God Calls by Alejo L. Villanueva Jr. – This is one of the 2 non-fiction books my mom gave me. (Thanks Mom!) I don’t know what this is about but I’m all about self-help books and I’m religious so I hope this book will make me dance from God’s love. (Hihi.)
2. The Memory Prescription by Gary Small – Okay, I hate the cover of this book with burning passion. It’s just a doctor smiling and the font isn’t the best BUT I browsed the insides and it seemed very cool. It’s about how to have better memory and they have little exercises inside the book. IDK, it’s fun. (This is the 2nd self-help book.)

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3. If I Stay by Gayle Forman – 
This is the 1st book in a duology and it’s going to be a movie! So naturally, I wanted to read it first. (I practically shielded my eyes from the trailer when I saw it pop onto the screen.) I don’t know a lot about this book but I think it deals with coma and grief…? I have no idea.

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It’s time for a book haul!


Here are ze books.photo1 (2)

Top to bottom:

– Shades of Earth by Beth Revis*
– The One (my review) by Kiera Cass*
– Reboot by Amy Tintera
– This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith
– The Shadow Hunter’s Codex by Cassandra Clare and Joshua Lewis*
– CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE (my review) by Cassandra Clare
– CLOCKWORK PRINCESS (my review) by Cassandra Clare

I am so excited for all of these books! AHHH

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