Made by  The Book Wheel & Love At First Book

I decided to do this because it’s so interesting and fun! I NEED TO THIS BEFORE I DIE. K.

This list is ongoing so it might change along the way but that’s fine.


1. Meet Rick Riordan.
2. Meet Cassandra Clare.
3. Meet Rainbow Rowell, JK. Rowling, Joan Bauer and other amazing authors.
4. Get 20 books signed.
5. Go to BEA.
6. Go to Bookcon.
7. Get fandom merch.
8. Get another bookshelf: bigger, taller and awesome-r.
9. Have 200 books.
10. Write a short-story.
11. Write 100 stories.

12. Write a novel.
13. Publish a novel.
14. Interview 20 authors in this blog.
15. Have 100 followers on this blog.
16. Have 100 followers on Bloglovin.
17. Have 100 friends on Goodreads.
18. Attend a Author Meet-up.
19. Meet some Booktubers.
20. Meet some bloggers.
21. Make my own bookmarks.
22. Become a famous author.
23. Blurb a book.
24. Plan a read-along.
25. Make a Booktube channel. (Hihi.)
26. Go to 10 different bookstores.
27. Have a hugeeee book haul!
28. Win a giveaway.
29. Buy a book from a different country.
30. Buy a book from every country I visit.
31. Collect beautiful classic editions.
32. Interview an author in my future Booktube channel.
33. Get merch from each of my fandoms.

I haven’t thought of the others yet but I will finish (and do) this. (Credit to the people who thought of the other things in this list.) This was so fun and hopefully I will be able to do all of these! MY DREAMS. AH.

What are yours?


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