odelia reviews: ready player one by ernest cline

Ready Player One
Ernest Cline

world = mind blown.

the world is this book was spectacular and how can’t it be? IT’S ALL ABOUT VIDEO GAMES. because i’m not much of a gamer – although i tried to play games but stopped due to the conclusion that i suck – i didn’t understand most of what the hell this kid is talking about. BUT IT’S OKAY.

i have no idea what an Atari 2600 is, no clue on what Joust is, zero knowledge about Swordquest. basically, i’m a noob in video games. all the games i played – and are good at – are Cooking Mama, a Charlotte’s Web video game and those weird Wii sports. i’m crappy as hell at Pacman!

but even though of my complete noobness of video games, i still had a great time reading this. if you’re worried you won’t understand this book because of its constant reference at video games, don’t worry! just pretend you know it and it’ll be fine. take it from me.

the world is so well thought of. you will not find any trace of laziness even if you analyzed each and every part of the world. it’s fantastic. if you’re a gamer, pretty much, just marry this book.

aaaaaaand, that’s where the compliments stop.

yes, the world is great. but when it comes to the characters or the writing style and that kind of stuff, it kinda goes downhill.

first and foremost, if you don’t know, this book is about James Halliday who found this software called OASIS. it’s basically a super cool software that the whole world uses. it’s more popular than Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook combined. and because of this software, he earns a ton of money. instead of donating it and helping the whole world – which most of its residents are either in poverty, hungry or dead – he makes a contest. when you win the contest, you get the money. you could say he’s the most generous man ever. not.

seriously, wtf?

okay then, let’s talk: characters.

they’re missing something called, ah, personality. and correct me if i’m wrong but personality is kind of a … necessity on being a good character. they are not good characters.

okay fine, they do have personality. BUT it’s forced. it doesn’t feel real. it’s not such of a major bad thing but it was quite disappointing.

and the reason why, is that this protagonist, wade, is antisocial and has no real friends. so he’s always alone. there is NO character development around the other characters BECAUSE WE CAN’T SEE THEM BEING DEVELOPED DUE TO THE REASON THEY’RE NOT THERE. i can’t know a person more if i don’t see them often. characters can’t be developed unless they’re always there and you can actually see them change. in this case, no.

and about wade, our hero? well, he’s dumb as hell.

Scenario Numero Uno:
after doing something that NO ONE has ever done for five years, wade becomes an instant celebrity. and what better way to spend your first day than being a show off and chatting with the enemy of the whole gunter community IN THEIR HEADQUARTERS? i mean, no one wants to claw the classified information out of your head and into theirs and later killing you, right? wrong.

Scenario Numero Dos:
just like every teenager in these books, wade falls in loooooove. not just that, he falls in love with a girl he had never met IN REAL LIFE! bonus round, he tells all about his personal and private life to said girl even if she clearly doesn’t trust you with hers! wow! smart! intelligent! awesome!


even though i was a bit harsh (jk i was really harsh) i still like this book immensely. i gave four stars. well, actually, 3.60 which is high, okay. HIGH RATING.

i definitely recommend this book to you just mind these small annoying bits.

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