odelia reviews: ruin and rising by leigh bardugo

Ruin and Rising
Leigh Bardugo
3/3 of Grisha

i’ve just realised that i was a total arsehole when i reviewed the two books before this series. it was my opinion but i was still being so harsh.
i’m so sorry everyone and to make it up, i will state the positive aspects in this book.
okay, okay, okay. sorry. i’m sorry, alright? if i could think of one positive thing about this book, it was easy to get in to.
there. happy?
if you want to know what i think of this book, just look at my other reviews. i feel the same thing, although, i’ll add some:
why do all guys in YA need to have tattoos? it’s ridiculous. i don’t have anything against tattoos but DAANG. there are loads of guys in YA that have tattoos. warner from shatter me (link of book review), the guy in this book and … a lot more, i expect!
i also realised that YA always have “gangs”. they have a whole pact of teenagers who are powerful – but not as powerful as the main protagonist because they are the chosen one duh – and they all have lovers. i’m not bluffing, ALL OF THEM END UP DATING ONE ANOTHER. WTF? can’t someone just decide and say “i want to be single” or “i want to be a nun/priest” or “i don’t want to date anyone in this group”. none. nada. THEY ALL END UP BEING TOGETHER.
what the actual f?
no, you also failed ruin and rising. your whole ya trilogy (WHY ARE YA BOOKS ALWAYS IN A TRILOGY) and your alliteration titles! no, no! you have failed me, young one. FAILED.
*coughs* just don’t read this book, series whatever. if you love this , i’m so sorry that i bashed your beloved series but please understand that this is my opinion. but if you agree with me, thank goodness.

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