odelia reviews: siege and storm by leigh bardugo

Siege and Storm
Leigh Bardugo
2/3 of Grisha

this is a part of another typical, predictable, lacks world building, has cliche romance and unrealistic characters, YA series called the Grisha Trilogy. as per usual, i hated this book and i am ready to give it a negative review.
i am a fantasy reader and i love it when a book introduces cool, fantasy creatures – like a hobbit or this certain type of elves/faeries OR GOLEMS (link of golem and the jinni). at the start of this book, we are introduced to a SEA DRAGON.
but the author still manages to screw it all up and i read the sea dragon part with this expression.
arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. i was so pissed off that i wasn’t excited. how the hell couldn’t that be exciting? well, it wasn’t. i felt like i was back at school and i was learning how to graph linear equations.
i’ve seen people review this book and say the writing style is the best feature. that’s like saying the best feature in the earth is global warming or pollution, IT IS NOT THE BEST FEATURE, IT’S ONE OF THE WORST. 
i’m not saying i’m a better writer or i could write better. i’m simply stating my opinion of the writing.
like really? compare this writing:
“I didn’t know what to say to Mal. I never did these days. But maybe I could just start with the truth: that I was lost and confused, and maybe losing my mind, that I scared myself sometimes, and that I missed him so much it was like physical pain.”
“All of us are lonely at some point or another, no matter how many people surround us. And then, we meet someone who seems to understand. She smiles, and for a moment the loneliness disappears. Add to that the effects of physical desire-and the excitement you spoke of-and all good sense and judgement fall away. The Rabbi paused, then said, But love founded only on loneliness and desire will die out before long. A shared history, tradition and values will link two people more thoroughly than any physical act.”
in my opinion, the Golem and the Jinni wins. (as usual)
i just can’t see what people like about this book. what? you like the characters? they’re so hot, swoon worthy? ugh. yeah, because that’s such an important trait in which everyone should have. you like the world? what world? i have more cats that this book has world building. this book gives you feels? well, that’s great. “feels” is actually part of the Qualities of a Masterpiece. it’s called “Suggestiveness”. but there’s a reason why there are seven qualities, not just “feels”. yeah, feels are nice to have but that can’t be why you would give a book five stars.
i’m not judging you, if you ever like this book. i just can’t seem to understand the love and hype this book gets. it’s frustrating as hell and it pisses me off.
no, Siege and Storm. i did not like you. go away now.

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