odelia reviews: neverwhere by neil gaiman

Neil Gaiman
1/? The London Below, The World of Neverwhere
★★★ (3.04)


that’s what i felt too.

i’ve read books that are so great i have no idea how the author made it, i’ve read books so ugly and bad i have no idea how the author made it and i’ve read books that are smack dab in the middle. in this category, books in which i don’t really care about – boring, ordinary, nothing new – is thrown. i like to call this the “meh” category because it describes everything on what i felt in the book – meh.

i’m sad to say that it’s one of these.

i can’t believe i’m saying this but, the characters were a bit cliché, although the events were not (thank God). we have Door, orphaned girl who’s super powerful, everyone respects and wants to kill her. i saw enough YA characters like that, thank you very much. next, we have Hunter the bad arse woman who has no feelings that can injure a person – possibly – without moving. again, seen that in YA but at least this woman has consistency. she was a robot in the entire book unlike other characters i’ve seen who develop feelings for, most of the time, a super hot guy. continuing, there’s the Marquis who was the obnoxious, arrogant and quite sarcastic character. this type of clichés are my favorite, if i was honest.

Richard, was a different story. he was stupid, sadly, but he was the most realistic of the bunch if you were to meet those characters above, it would be less likely but richard? he could be one of your friends.

now, i have confession. i found this book, dare i say it, boring.

*gasp* WHAT

yes, you didn’t hear incorrectly. i was bored reading neil gaiman book. i know.

maybe it’s just me but there was something off. the actions scenes were less action, more boring. while they talked, i was bored. while they ran, i was bored. while mr. croop and that other weirdo were being insanely creepy, i was creeped out AND bored. I WAS BORED. i tried finding on why it was boring and i really don’t want to admit this, but it’s the writing. it was anticlimactic, i suppose. it’s my number one suspect. this is very hard to admit because, well, i loved the writing. it was witty and unique, as i writer, i got quite jealous – oh did i say jealous? i mean, happy!

the ultimate savior of this book was the world. the thing i love most about neil gaiman’s books is his fantasies are each so strange and is formed from the simplest things. he doesn’t focus on dragons or fairies or another dimension. it starts small, in this book, the train. in Ocean at the End of the Lane, a pond. and because of this, he has the ability form the most unexpected events.

neverwhere, you were cool and all but i think it’s best if you became less boring. thank you for the three stars.

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