odelia reviews: reboot by amy tintera

Amy Tintera
1/2 of Reboot
★★ (2.27)

Strong female protagonists who kicks arse for recess.

Male love interest that makes me laugh in public.
Writing style oozes greatness.
Intriguing plot & fascinating world.

What It Actually Is:
Emotionless (and later not-so-emotionless) female protagonist who kicks arse for recess AND lunch.
Male love interest is occasionally funny. (I mean, he makes me inwardly smile in my room)
Writing style was a meh.
Intriguing (enough) plot & fascinating (enough) world.

Conclusion: My expectations were too high.

Let me elaborate:

Wren – in the first 2 pages – is described as a heartless person who likes to chase people for fun.

There’s some human left in you, ain’t there?” she asked …

She froze. Her eyes flew from the 178 printed on my skin to my face and she let out another shriek.

No. There was no human left in me.

And I get it. Being a high number meant your feelings were practically gone. So, what I don’t understand is: 

*after about some days meeting Callum*

I wasn’t sure what to make of the way he looked at me, like he was intrigued by something. The little flutters it caused in my chest were distracting.

Flutters? Flutters? Flutters? FLUTTERS?

Okay, fine. So I continue reading up to page 98 when: 

I wasn’t an emotional Under Sixty, but there was something in there.

I was pretty sure there was something in there. 

But didn’t you just:

No. There was no human left in me.

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One thought on “odelia reviews: reboot by amy tintera

  1. Amelia July 17, 2017 / 11:29 PM

    Rogério; obrigado e parabéns! Muito bem comentado. Realmente vivemos em um ambiente ou tomado pelo descaso (falta de interesse) ou por motivações outras (interesse político demais) no qual o principal motivo da CIPA é esquecido. Para combater esta realidade só com muita criatividade (como dito no seu comentário) e motivação ao interesse genuíno em promover a saúde e segurança dos companheiros de trahÃlbo.Na£o perca nesta semana a parte 2 do artigo com as conclusões e origem do que é na verdade uma tese de doutorado.

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