five inspirational videos from anna akana // staring at screens

STARINGATSCREENSFINALstaring @ screens is a new meme/ feature in this blog in which i talk about … staring at screens. tv shows, youtube and the like.

it just might be me but i am obsessed  with Anna Akana. i love her, you should love her, everybody should love her. it is no doubt she is one of my favorite YouTubers.

her videos are so inspirational, whenever i’ve fallen into a pit of unproductivity, i would watch her videos and the next thing i know, i’ve written 30,000 words, 40 blog posts and received the Nobel Prize (i wish). that’s part of the reason why i’ve watched these videos below about fifty million times.

if you’re looking for something to inspire you and to get your work done, watch her videos and later, you’ll still be procrastinating but INSPIRED.

here are my favorites:

how to level up

this is the video that made me into the disciplined individual that i am now (lol no). i’ve watched this video over and over, i could probably write the script. 

how to put on your face

this is one of her famous videos and it’s about her putting makeup: the healthy lifestyle way. forget michelle phan (just kidding don’t cause i like her), this is probably the best way to put on makeup.

inner critic

everyone had a fair share of meeting (and possibly memorizing) their inner critic and we all know it was crap. 

the best video ever

i remember this video whenever i make expectations which means i remember this video quite a lot. 

your inner muse

my inner muse, right now after finishing this blog post would probably watch more Anna Akana. so, crap. 

everyone, go check out Anna Akana and love her as much as i do.

thank you for reading and um, bye!

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