april wrap up

hey hey hey! consecutive wrap up’s? be proud of me.

april flew by. the first two weeks started out slowly and then BAM, the last two weeks were faster than something fast. i didn’t get much done (as seen below; TWO BOOKS) and so i declare those two weeks “The Whirlwind of Unproductivity”. (really like that name, tbh)

books i’ve finished

_DSC7573 _DSC7574

short summary of what i felt for each book i’ve finished

  • i hate humans


two books. TWO BOOKS. i only finished two books. why? don’t know but i do care immensely. i had no slump but Days of Blood and Starlight was so boring, it took me about two weeks or so to read it. so this section isn’t productive nor is it happy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 4.54.05 PM


as you can see, i published three posts. while that is okay and average, i expected more of myself. maybe to read some more, blog some more and write some more in the span of 720 hours. CURSE YOU WHIRLWIND OF UNPRODUCTIVITY!


this section is probably the best. i wrote 350 words everyday and maybe, even more, so i’m quite ahead. if everything is unproductive, be sure that this one isn’t.

some rambling about:

yes. i am going to JAPAN!

i’m going with my family and once this post comes out, i’m already on my way to Japan!

i’m so excited that i’m not sure how to express my excitement but i assure you, im eXCITED.

i *might* take pictures or show you my trip. i wanted to do that when i was in South Korea but then i got all lazy and the post never made it. but i hope this post will.

that’s april!

thank you so much for reading and um, bye!

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