TV shows

STARINGATSCREENSFINAL first of, yes i do have a new theme. it’s much more wow than before so i hope that you were wowed.

second, let’s step away from the book world – for just a moment,, don’t worry – and talk about TV shows.

i admit that i’m not much of a TV person. i only ever finished two TV shows. to me, i thought that was a lot. apparently it wasn’t because my friends practically memorized the TV. they actually laughed at me because i didn’t understand their references. well IM SORRY that i don’t worship a screen. (says the person who constantly is in front of a computer. okay, i don’t worship a TV screen) but in the history of watching TV, i only finished two TV shows and is currently watching 2 other ones. so all in all: 4 TV shows. (WE WILL NOT INCLUDE DISNEY TV SHOWS BECAUSE IF WE DO THIS WILL BE QUITE A LONG POST)

here are the TV shows i’ve watched and loved.


avatar: the last airbender

this is the first TV show i’ve ever watched. i binge watched it with my sister and we both love this SO MUCH. JUST LOOK AT THAT. PURE GREATNESS. if i was there, i would probably be just standing, surrounded by their epicness. whenever i was sad, i used to rewatch their episodes. i usually rewatched the episodes where taph (?) was there (i love her so much) or all of them were there. i miss them so much. i know there’s a spin off of this – Korra, right? – and i started watching it but then i was like awwwwww saka’s not there and taph and katara and zuko and suki and aang and ughhhhharggghhh. it’s just not the same. 


can i order the next season because i need it right now thank you I’VE WATCHED THIS TWICE. one with myself and one with my brother.( you can kind of see that i like watching TV shows with someone because i need someone who understands my references) if you’re looking for a short TV show, this is it. there’s only 9 EPISODES, but they’re (dare i say) bloody brilliant. (too soon?)  it’s not over yet but the next season still comes next year. crap. looks like someone’s going to watch it thrice. you are correct, daniel.

those are the TV shows i’ve watched! thank you for reading and um, bye! goodreads // bloglovin // tumblr


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