avatar the last airbender (again), dan and phil & parks and rec

STARINGATSCREENSFINALstaring @ screens is a new meme/ feature in this blog in which i talk about … staring at screens. tv shows, youtube and the like. 

okay, in my last post i told you that i’ll just step away from the book world for just a moment. oops. 

i’ve been watching a lot of stuff lately and i’m itching to share it to you. so, here we go!

avatar the last airbender (again)

at 3AM in the morning, instead of talking about what we’re supposed to be talking (Japan Visa, tickets, important stuff), my sister and i started conversing about avatar, the last airbender. my favorite TV show (out of 2 TV shows). and then, later that night, i had a dream that i was in the gang of ATLA and i was talking with toph. i took it as a sign and started rewatching episodes. (i almost cried) and then i wanted to erase my memory and watch ATLA again. unfortunately, that can’t happen. so i was like Legend of Korra maybe? but to be honest with you, i already started watching LoK but then i was like WHERE’S AANG AND TAPH AND ZUKO AND KATARA AND SUKI AND SAKA AND APPA AND MOMO AND NO. i couldn’t watch it without feeling so nostalgic so i just rewatched episodes and got a crap ton of goosebumps. 

dan and phil 

just out of the blue, i started binge watching some random videos of dan and phil. it wasn’t very productive but it was funny. especially, dan and phil games. dil howtler anyone? 

parks and rec

after watching sherlock twice, i decided i had to move on and watch another TV series. and i chose this one. it’s HILARIOUS. i’m just in season two (people say it’s the best season, it is) and i watch it whenever i do chores. i’m not obsessed over it (unlike Sherlock or ATLA) but i like it. maybe because it’s not fantasy and i’m not always going NO DONT DIE DONT DIE but again, i still really do like it.

those are what i stare on screens! i might rewatch ATLA and you might like this post! (too soon?) thank you for reading and um, bye! goodreads // bloglovin // tumblr


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