likes & comments


so, i just checked my posts, just to see if someone commented or if someone liked a post.

and i was pleased. (thank you guys!!!!) 

and it got me thinking on how great it feels to receive feedback from others. just a simple click on the like button or a couple of words in the comment section can make a person’s day!

i like blogging. i don’t consider it as my passion (i’m more of a writer than a blogger) but i like it. that’s one of the reasons i’m still here, being active and not giving you guys loooong hiatuses (?) in which after would make a post saying “sorry!” and continue the hiatus. (… okay fine, i did that but that was before!)

but it’s harder than i expected.

i see my friends just scrolling around tumblr or using the word “bored” more than once in a day while i hastily try to finish writing a post and get ahead of my word count because i have to wash the dishes today and later publish a review. 

(i actually asked people what they do all day and they responded with “watching tv” and “internet” and “nothing”. *shudders and glances at my planner, filled with to do lists and deadlines*)

my point is that blogging is challenging. it’s not over all too hard that i start sweating out blood but you know, it’s hard.

and when people give feedback to it, i just become so

so, if you’re reading this, thank you.

now, i have a stat!!!!!!

goodreads // bloglovin // tumblr


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