100 random readers

let me tell you a short story about this girl named odelia and her blog.

odelia was a very bored girl. she had no idea what to do with her time except read, internet, read, internet (now, she learned the meaning of “stress”, but that’s another story) but one day, she made this blog called “the random book blogger.”

she was so excited! her posts were horrible, disgusting, wrong, mediocre yet she didn’t care because she had a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!

she published her first post and got about 3 hits!

she knew she was going to become famous! why? WELL SHE GOT THREE HITS! obviously.

about a year later, she has 4 hits.

the end.

Narrator: closes the picture book okay guys, i’m done narrating. can i go home now?
Business People: sure.
narrator stands up to leave when odelia bursts through the door holding a gun
Odelia: you aren’t done, motherfckers. you’ve messed up the ending.

N & BP: what??
O: oh yeah. odelia actually got 100 followers.
narrator and business people scream
N & BP: we don’t believe you!

odelia loads gun
N & BP: okay, we believe you!

narrator fixes story book

in reality, odelia learned that she received 100 followers. she was so happy that she might have bragged it to everyone – mostly her sister (true story) and her sister wanted to strangle her her sister was absolutely happy!

odelia wanted to tell everyone thank you. thank you for clicking the simple follow button and making her life better. thank you for virtually telling her that her posts aren’t completely terrible. thank you for liking, commenting and even giving her a simple stat. thank you for achieve this milestone. this might be small things to you but it is one of the biggest things for her.

thank you.

N & BP people are in tears
odelia lowers her gun and nods.

and they lived happily ever after.


in all seriousness, thank you guys. i hope you enjoyed that small story there, it was inspired by khan.

only if i was that bad arse.


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