odelia reviews: color of happiness by k.p. gazelle

The Color of Happiness
K. P. Gazelle

YA Contemporary
★★★ (2. 30)


*this book was given to me by the publisher (Radiant Books) in exchange for a honest review*

i’ve seen – no, read – these. these kind of books had practically the same flow of events: guy meets girl (of course) they fall in love (what did you expect) something big happens (duh) and then something bad happens (omg!!111!!) and it makes you “surprised” (yea good luck). why “surprised”? because it happened SO MANY TIMES now that it’s not surprising anymore.

it’s not necessarily bad but lacks certain aspects including – drum role, please – originality. i know the message: treasure love while it lasts or something like that but c’mon people. i know that already! movies, books, tv shows, so many of them portrays that. it’s been repeated for so long now! it would still be a tad bit better if it wasn’t romance or that something dealt with family, friends etc.

this book didn’t blow me away. not with the characters, plot, events, writing, nothing. it wasn’t terribly beautiful and heart aching or hilarious or life changing. i wasn’t constantly thinking about it or missing the characters. it wasn’t exactly dull but it wasn’t absolutely fascinating.

that’s kind of the reason i gave it a three. you know those books that you didn’t hate or love and didn’t actually make you feel something. neutral books. kinda like that.


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