i kinda maybe sort of went through another blogging slump

memefinali have no idea why these slumps always find me.

awhile back, i posted my first experience with this bastard. it was basically a short summary of how i got it and a little paragraph saying “i’m fine! i’m in track!”


yeah, uhm


i’m not. for like 2 weeks or so, i was pumped up. i wanted to write a zillion posts and i was so excited to do it. but then it kind of dwindled away.

i do a lot of things. i’m not just a blogger. i’m also a book reviewer, reader, writer and a student. and i have about 4 – 6 free hours on weekdays. so, i kinda have to organise my priorities. and it goes like this:

  1. studies
  2. writing
  3. reading
  4. blogging
  5. book reviewing

since i procrastinate, have side projects and life gets in the way, i use up all of those hours. and usually do only 2 of those activities. writing and studies. ONLY 2.

and uhm, well, uhhhhhh.

okay fine. blogging is second to the last.

i have been experiencing this problem a lot lately and it’s mainly how to write posts. i want to be funny but i also want to express all my feelings and sometimes, some of those feelings aren’t funny. they’re BORING. i also want to take pictures and document my life more often but writing those posts are also BORING.

i know. first world problems. but it’s still a problem, isn’t it?

my main problem is i have NO IDEA how to be happy not stressed, pressured, overwhelmed while blogging. i’m always in a hurry to finish everything and i don’t want that.

maybe i should just stop the posts that make me stressed…? idk. i have like 3 posts that are filled with pictures (i went to baler and dumaguete) and that makes me stressed. so the usual advice is to stop it. BUT there is a little part of me who wants to do it because i just want to document my life, you know?

i’m working on how to get this blogging problem/slump to burn in a fire and die. i’m still finding the matches.

if you have any advice, please comment! it would save my life.


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