a moment at the beach

Everyone, I went outside.


Yes. I did.

I went to the beach.

Now, that’s not very Christmas-y but I STILL WENT OUTSIDE. Plus, I’m in the Philippines. We don’t have winter. We only have slightly chilly air.

Anyway, this is kind of a photo diary because it’ll have a million photos, so enjoy!

_DSC5369 _DSC5390 _DSC5389 _DSC5377 _DSC5372 _DSC5371 _DSC5370

_DSC5391 _DSC5399 _DSC5396_DSC5393We also found a teddybear buried. *shivers*

_DSC5404 _DSC5420(it says “hi random readers” btw)
_DSC5418  _DSC5412  _DSC5410 _DSC5409

_DSC5427 _DSC5428 _DSC5429

Thank you for reading and um, bye!

Pictures taken by Odelia of the Random Book Blogger. If you want to use it, please credit Odelia and link this site.

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