Odelia Reviews/Discusses: Shades of Earth

Book: Shades of Earth by Beth Revis
Genre: YA Mystery and Fantasy
Rating: ★ (4.45)
Recommend? Yes.
Series or Stand-alone? Series, #3/3 Across the Universe
Cover Review: Uhhhmmmmm, no.
Favorite Line: ““What is in our hearts is real whether we name it or let it exist only in darkness or silence.”

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This is a pretty good book, hands down. The Across the Universe books just get better and better! Of course, this is my favorite in this series.

This is a murder mystery book and it was amazing. I love it if a book makes you think. Those mystery books that you just spend all your time thinking about it, anywhere, anytime. It’s just so cool. And when you guess it correctly, you’re both proud and miserable. (Especially if you guessed someone was going to die) And I also love how you can’t trust anyone in this book. EVERYONE is a suspect. For me, that is what makes it thrilling.

Before, the characters were a bit dull. I was pretty okay if one of them died. I guess you couldn’t really blame Beth Revis. Maybe she spends all her time thinking about clues and answers, she didn’t really pay attention to character development. I almost put down A Million Suns because I remembered that I hated the characters.

But this book made me like them! She did put up the effort to make her characters worthy enough to be attached to. (If you’re wondering, yes I did get attached.)

I also really did admire Beth’s writing style. She did good. I constantly needed to remind myself to breathe because her scenes took my breath away. (Har-har)


Please go away if you haven’t read this book. Now. For your own safety.
Here are the parts of the book that I think are worthy of discussing.

Remember the beginning? That part where Amy and Elder’s shuttle was falling? Yep, that scene made me forget how to breathe. Beth captured the image perfectly. I really did think I was in that scene. (As a writer, you could say that I wanted to go to her house for some writing tips.) Every time someone would call me, I would jerk and remember that reality does exist. It’s not that I wanted Amy and Elder to die, it’s just she wrote it so beautifully!

Okay, fast forward to the part where Amy met Chris. Did you immediately think Chris was a traitor? Because I definitely did. (Hey, it’s a murder mystery, of course I would suspect everyone!) One, his sudden appearance made it clear that you might not want to trust him. Two, Beth builds this love-triangle-thing which, for me, screams traitor. Three, he’s handsome. A lot of YA books make villains handsome. Disgusting, but handsome. He even looks like freaking Will Herondale with his blue eyes and dark hair. But that didn’t fool me. Nooope!

(Elder and Colonel Martin are talking)
Colonel: You something something need to do, son.
*says that 4628936 times more*
Elder: I might actually like it when he calls me “son”.
Colonel: So what now, son?
Elder: Quit calling me son!

Colonel: There are about 78253637918264572983634728594 deaths so far, but I think we’re doing okay.
I mean THE DEATHS TORE ME APART. I know, it’s in the murder genre for a reason but I’M NEW TO THIS GENRE. I WANNA GO BACK TO CUTE CONTEMPORARY. NOW. Literally cannot even the deaths.

And then *drum rolls* the ending! That ending that made me feel like I need to go and practice yoga and those peace thingamabobs. I was literally breathing so hard. Elder, Elder, ELDER. HOW DARE YOU.
And Beth Revis decides to give you 459 Amy chapters. Just, you know, for the suspense. BUT THEN HOW IS HE ALIVE? He just went to an explosion! It’s not that I wanted him to die, but how? Not 100% satisfied with the ending, but okay!







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