top ten characters i’d want on a deserted island |top 10 tuesday

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I’ve noticed that my Top 10’s are usually very ugly. Book covers aren’t in the right place, the font color is messy and it’s too confusing. I will try to do my best not to make them look ugly. try. 

I really like the topic for today. I feel like I’m going to win this.

1. Katniss from the Hunger Games – Everyone picks her for a reason. She’ll do loads of stuff but mainly I picked her because she can hunt. I won’t be very hungry because of her.

2. Percy Jackson from the PJO and HOO – Of course I’ll pick Percy! One, he’s Percy freaking Jackson. Two, for swooning purposes. And -the most important reason- three, he’ll get us out the island. He’s a son of Poseidon for crying out loud! And he might find us water to drink!

I mean, why wouldn’t you pick that? (Viria, you awesome person, you!)

3. Annabeth Chase from PJO and HOO – (Another one from this series) Bringing Annabeth would be a major help. Why? Well, she’s just so smart! She can do this, while Percy does that – they’re a great team! Plus I love Annabeth very much.

Art by (awesome) Viria.

4. Nicholas Benedict from The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict – If you read this book already, you would know that Nick is bright as fudge. He’s so smart and can literally memorize everything he sees. He can read 2 pages of a book in one second and he’s pretty extremely clever. And how old is he (in this book?) 9. *mind blown*

5. The Baudelaire Children from the Series of Unfortunate Events – I’m stealing this idea from the Broke and The Bookish (hihi.) And besides, I agree with everything they said! Violet is a great inventor. So she could make a jetpack with just 2 coconuts. Klaus knows so many things and Sunny. Sunny, Sunny, Sunny. She’ll make me a delicious coconut cake and I would thank her (and hug her too.)

6. Clary from the Mortal Instruments – Okay, I don’t really love Clary as much as other people BUT, I think bringing her to the island with me would be a great choice. spoilers She would do the her magic power rune thing and save us all. /spoilers. 

7. Jace Wayland from TMI – Another one from the TMI series. If we go to this island and it turns out there were 200 ravenous cavemen, Jace would save us in just 30 seconds. (And of course the other character would help as well. Though I don’t know about me. I’ll probably fight using a stick.) And of course, swooning purposes.

8. Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy from Narnia – I don’t actually have a solid purpose for putting them here. I just think it would be fun. IDK.

9. Robin Goodfellow from the Iron Fey series – I’m currently reading Iron Knight (I AM LOVING THIS) and it’s official. I love this guy, goodness gracious. 3 main reasons I want to bring him. One, SWOON SWOON SWOON. Two, he’ll cheer up everyone. And three, he’s a good fighter.

10. June Iparis from Legend – I don’t know about you but I love this girl! She’s so fierce and brave and bringing her would be perfect.

Awesome drawing! (not mine k)

And that concludes it!
Also, have you noticed that when I brought Jace and Percy, I brought their GF’s too? But I didn’t bring Meghan! YES.
Anyways thank you for watching what no oops reading and um, bye!




2 thoughts on “top ten characters i’d want on a deserted island |top 10 tuesday

  1. Isa @ A Doodler's Freedom August 4, 2014 / 9:16 PM

    I NEVER THOUGHT OF THE BAUDELAIRE CHILDREN! That is such a good idea, especially Violet! Great post!

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