Odelia Reviews: Keys to the Demon Prison

Book: Keys to Demon Prison by Brandon Mull
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Rating: ★★★ (3.43)
Recommend? Sure, I guess.
Series or Stand-alone? Series, #5 Fablehaven
Cover Review: Eh. I like the font.
Favorite Line: “Luck has a way of evaporating when you lean on it.”

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The world is amazing. The creatures, the places and species, they’re all so fascinating. If there was a companion book just discussing about the creatures, then I would probably read it.

The fantasy elements are excellent. I’m guessing you know that this book is fantasy and I knew it too but once I started reading, I couldn’t hold back a smile from all the fantasy parts. I adore fantasy and reading this made my reader heart very pleased.

The action scenes are good. The action scenes made me feel genuinely stressed, in a good way. I actually feel like I’m watching it on TV instead of reading. Though they aren’t good enough. They don’t actually make me feel like I’m there.

There’s always that one thing, that major flaw in this series. And it’s the characters.

Some of them lack emotion. Maybe it’s the writing but they just do. Whenever they gather around to discuss or say a secret, they are a handful of characters that don’t show any emotion. Sometimes they would give a gasp or maybe widen their eyes but other than that, the emotion level is zero. I think it’s because Brandon Mull used the word “said” too much instead of asked, replied, gasped, chuckled and the like.

I don’t feel a strong connection with them. It took 4 books to make me slightly care about the characters. Yes, I would be unhappy and dismayed if one of them dies but after 2-3 chapters, I probably don’t feel anything anymore. I don’t tear my hair out of frustration and sadness like other books. I don’t feel a connection. The only character I genuinely care about and is worth a sob is Seth.

And there’s one specific character that makes me want to throw the book out the window.

Kendra Sorenson. Was she born to irritate me? Because I think she was. OH MY GOSH. She annoyed me beyond compare. She always wants to help and not be useless. She always states that she doesn’t want to stand here and do nothing. Yet she does. It’s always Bracken or Warren to save the day. Most of the time, she would hold her sword, battle face on but nothing would come to her. And if something does, Bracken, fairies, or Hugo would save her. Thank you God for having the Fablehaven series split into dual POVs. Perhaps in a alternate universe, Brandon Mull made the books with only Kendra’s POV, AU Odelia would probably be like:

I hate her that much.

And what was with the Bracken and Kendra thing? That just came out from nowhere. Like what the fudge? I just…ugh.

This series is good. But it’s not the best. Nor is it great. It’s just plain good.



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