Odelia Reviews: The One

Book: The One by Kiera Cass
YA Dystopia
Kind of..?
Series or Stand-alone?:
Series, 3rd and final book of the Selection.
Favorite Line:
 Bravery hides in amazing places.” 

(Sorry for the late review. Also, this is the format of my review!)

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The characters are well built. Kiera Cass did a good job making the characters. She planned them really well and they seem like real human beings. They have the right amount of weaknesses and strengths.

The world is very interesting. This series is dystopia and usually with dystopias, you need to make the world interesting. The ideas of the castes really intrigued me. The Selection, while not really that original, is very interesting as well!

The covers are very good. Yes, that’s a plus point! In my previous TOP TEN, I said on how much I despise book covers with people on them. Well, this is an exception. The font is really good as well and to be honest, this series’s covers are one of my favorites!


The love triangle is very frustrating. What kind of love triangle is that? Aspen vs. Maxon? How is that even a competition? The thing with good love triangles is that you need to make both persons loved. You need to fans to love both of them, like TID. Well, I didn’t care for Aspen at all. N O P E. Especially in book 1. (Oh my goodness, I threw the first book due to frustration towards Aspen.) Character development did happen so in the end, I didn’t hate Aspen as much as before.

America is so freaking annoying. Aspen? Or Maxon? Who should I choose? She always makes the wrong decisions. Like what Kat said, I wanted to shake her by her shoulders and yell at her.

Very predictable. I already guessed so much of what was going to happen in this book just by looking at the cover and the title. And there was even something I guessed when I was reading the second book.

Unnecessary deaths. Why did her Dad need to die? I don’t understand that at all! What was the point? Just to make her and us sad? I did become sad but I became angry as well. You didn’t need to kill her! And you killed Anne just so Lucy could get Aspen? And Celeste. WHY WAS THAT NECESSARY?

This book, this series is good. I would rate it 3.87 stars. But really, it’s not as amazing as others.  

Thank you sister, for buying me this book! ❤





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