I have made a “blog”

Hello. Hi. How are you. I am fine. What? I don’t know. Okay, so how do you start blogs? Do you basically say “HI THIS BLOG MINE” or write an entire post about it. For me, I’ll do the latter part. 1st, introductions. Hi, I’m Odelia. Oh-deh-li-ah 2nd, why did you make a blog? I like books and I don’t know a lot of people (personally) who read the kind of books I read, who like to talk about books or just read! And because of that, I made a blog so I can talk about books and people who love books (see: book people/ lions/ lovers) will see this blog and fangirl with me. 3rd, blog resolutions? Ahh, the part in which I might fail. Okay, here they are!

  1. Post at least 2 times a month.

That’s it. I can’t think of anything else because reasons. 4th, what will you write about? BOOKS! I’ll do book tags, movie reviews, book hauls, wrap-ups and maybe tbr’s! No book reviews? Unfortunately, yes. Why? Because I write my book reviews on my goodreads so go there If you like book reviews!

05/28/14 EDIT- I actually might make book reviews/book discussions! (Though I’ll probably just copy and paste it from my goodreads and edit some things here and there.) What do you think?

Ta-da! That is it for this blog post! And, um, bye!


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